Aerodyne Kellogg Jaguar Whittier CA

The Aerodyne Story… John Toom and Ron Kellogg

When I came across some photos from the Uptown Whittier Car Show this summer, it was like seeing an old friend. This was a special project in so many ways….  the car itself, the people and story behind it, and the honor of creating the emblems to represent them.

I first met Ron and Sonya Kellogg at the SEMA Show in the late 90’s, and they asked me to create some badging for their car.  Then they shared the story of the car.  Here it is:

Originally Posted by The Art Center College of Design on the debut  of the Aerodyne on July 20, 2003 at the Art Center Car Classic Show.

Ron and Sonya Kellogg’s 1956 Jaguar
Aerodyne Coupe XK140 3.8 L—the car completed at 3 a.m. “We are overwhelmed
with the tremendous outpouring of affection for this car,” said Ron Kellogg, who
adopted the job of completing the car designed by the late John Toom, former
manager of the model shop at Nissan Design International in La Jolla, California.
Toom died of cancer when the car was still a work in progress, and under the
Kelloggs’ stewardship, his dream was beautifully realized. Members of the Toom
family were present to share this special unveiling, including daughter Joni Toom,
who designed the car’s original gauges and badges. “It’s wonderful that John’s
peers appreciated his design,” says Kellogg, who added that showing the car first
at the Art Center Car Classic “was as important as taking the car to Pebble Beach
because of the event’s unique focus on design.”

Aerodyne Kellogg Aerodyne Script Custom Emblem

Custom badging  for Aerodyne, created by MotorHead Jewelry

 Aerodyne Kellogg Jaguar Toom

The world of exotics and custom cars is made so awesome because of people like John Toom and Ron Kellogg.

Just as hearing a special song transports you to a special place and time…  a photograph of this memorable car transports me to an afternoon in southern California spent with Ron and Sonya Kellogg and their Aerodyne.  Many years later it still holds a warm place in my heart.

Enjoy these photos from HotRodHotLine and the San Gabriel Valley Tribune:

Aerodyne Kellogg Jaguar

 Aerodyne Kellogg Jaguar Whittier CA

 Aerodyne Kellogg Jaguar Whittier CA