MECCA in Las Vegas… SEMA Show

The first week of November…  Unable to make the pilgrimage this year, SEMA is on my mind.    Every year this week, thousands flock to Las Vegas, to SEMA the mecca of automotive modifications.

While some things always remain the same, like the traditional brass band official open to the show…

SEMA Show cars

It’s the tradition of the unknown, pushing limits, the best of the best, the newest, the biggest, the baddest, the fastest, the most drop dead gorgeous that makes this show what it is.  Enjoy it, if you are out there this week!

SEMA Cruise

For this year, I’ll take solace in knowing that after the final cruise on Friday afternoon, the show will live on.  In the coming months, without the weary feet, I’ll see much of the show digitally.  And I’ll look towards mecca next year….

John Menzler

This SEMA Blog is dedicated to John Menzler, who will also live on-
 in the hearts of all of us who had the good fortune to call him our friend.