Engine Building… the Motorhead Jewelry Way

The raw power, the essence of the LT5 engine- that’s what I wanted to capture for George in his pendant. He approached me at my booth at the Street Rod Nationals last summer.  Could I build a replica of his engine for a pendant, scaled down of course!  And so the project started…

LT5 Engine Pendant

To start I had him send a lot of photos- front, back, sides and angles, all with a tape measure in them so I could get the proportions right.

LT5 Engine drawing

After exchanging many photos and renderings back and forth, the engine started taking life.  We talked about what details were the most important to him, and tweaked a few angles here and there.

LT5 Pendant Rendering

I did not want to just take the engine and reduce it in size. The most challenging part was it was to make it a beautiful piece of jewelry, and to capture the essence of the engine. At the same time accurately representing the specs of the engine was paramount.

Corvettes at Carlisle LT5 Engine Pendant

Success…   Gradually the piece came together.  It’s modeled by his wife at Corvettes at Carlisle!

Corvette LT5 Engine for Pendant