So-Cal Speed Shop Roadster with Custom Emblem on bullnose

Custom Emblems started with So-Cal Speed Shop

Sometimes a job comes along that changes everything… this was one of those jobs.    Back in 1999 Motorhead Jewelry was a high end automotive jewelry company. Then Pete Chapouris of SoCal Speed Shop asked us to make a custom emblem, a bullnose, to sign his ’32 Ford hot rods. 

Always up for a challenge, I readily agreed. In my mind I thought of custom emblems as “jewelry”, just on a little larger scale.  That is basicly true, and as I worked on the project, I realized there were also issues of compound curves, fit in a recessed area, larger shrinkage factors, the colored background and durablity for exterior use to master.  As I worked through these issues in the studio to create this first custom emblem, I grew very determined.  In the end it took 9 tries to get the emblem and fit perfect prior to delivery.  

 The custom emblem was delivered, and not long after that I got the treat of seeing my work the front of the So-Cal Speed Shop ’32 Hot Rod… definitely made my heart beat a little faster- I was hooked.   That car took me and MotorHead Jewelry in a new direction.  I am grateful to have worked with some exceptional car builders on some amazing cars over the years, and I look forward to sharing them with you on this blog.