Creating some Custom Script for the Hot Rod Roddler

For the what???  The Roddler is just about the coolest thing on wheels for that small one in your life.  Built for a smooth ride and great looks, it pushes the limits like any true hot rod project.  Though the ultimate in strollers is on a smaller scale, it is equally as deserving of its own custom script.

As I talked with Joe Iacono about creating a signature script for his Kid Kustoms project, there were the same challenges as with any signature script- first getting the lettering font right, then getting all the bevels and angles on the script right, the right scale, and matching the curvature of the fender.  We worked through these together, to get just the right style on the script.

See them out and about in Hollywood- as they are the celebrity stroller of choice; or see a few more photos on our Facebook  album, and the Kid Kustoms Pinterest page.  You never know where there will be a MotorHead Emblem sighting!