Is that one of the Chip Foose designed Brookville built Phanton Roadsters?

Yes its got the look of the Phanton Roadster, with the lowered cowl and door and the sleek rear body contours, but is it? Chip and Kenny already had a Certificate of Autenthicity for the body, but that’s on paper and these bodies  demanded more than that.  How do you sign an exclusive limited edition run of thirty-two bodies?

I got the call from Chip on a Monday afternoon in late March.  He knew exactly what he wanted for the feel of the emblem.  It was up to me to nail the details and make it work.

Like so many clean simple designs, this one was deceptively challenging.

Chip’s design dictated a two piece casting, and  the detail needed complex metal molds for casting. In order to custom engrave each emblem with its unique limited edition number the emblems needed to be made in sterling silver instead of the customary chrome.

I delivered the finished emblems to Kenny Gollohan at the Street Rod Nationals in Louisville earlier this month.  It was great to see the Phanton Roadster body in person!  This was an exciting project to be a part of, and I can’t wait to see the amazing hot rods built with these very special bodies.

Next year as the finished hot rods start to be shown, if you see a roadster and think it’s got that Phanton look, remember…   look for the  numbered Limited Edition Emblem to know for sure.


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