Annie Koenig

Annie Koenig is an award-winning jeweler known for her beautiful and innovative designs.     She has an uncanny gift for creating evocative, personalized works of art celebrating life’s milestones from client concepts and precious heirlooms.  Her jewelry designs have been featured in magazines including Jewelers Circular Keystone, Modern Jeweler, National Jeweler and numerous national shows and galleries. 

 As a two-time recipient of the Kentucky Art and Craft Foundation’s Early Times and Jewelers of America Design Awards and serving as past president of the Kentucky Jeweler’s Association, Annie has an established reputation for excellence among her peers in the industry.  She has also studied her craft with renowned masters in the jewelry trade, holds a Bachelor’s degree in Art and Business and is a Gemologist with both GIA and AGS Certifications.

 Her “Jewelry for Cars” in the form of distinctive custom emblems created for MotorHead Design House adorn celebrity custom autos including The Beach Boy’s “Little Deuce Coupe, Sean John/P Diddy and Billy Gibbons classics, and have been featured in movies and television shows including Gone in 60 Seconds, Fast and Furious Four and Jay Leno’s Garage.  Her industry clients include Mercedes and Ford Motor companies.