Andrea receives Jewelry Design Award, MJSA Vision Award: 1st Place Custom Design Distinction

For Custom Cars, its the recent Ridler Award…and for Custom Jewelry, the equivalent is the MJSA Vision Award.

MJSA awards Andrea, and her business Annie K Jewelry, 1st place “Custom Design Distinction” for 2013 Vision Award.  MJSA stands for Manufacturing Jewelers and Silversmiths of America, and the Vision Awards showcase outstanding design, for innovative finely crafted jewelry.   The winning entry embodies the client’s wishes and desires, with custom jewelry that speaks directly to their interests, beliefs, and styles- telling their story.

Like many good jewelry stories, this one involves a celebration, a passion and a vision…  with a birthday, a love, and the inspiration of a vintage Navaho pin collection.  Go here to See how Annie captured the story in precious metal and gems, creating this award winning necklace for her client.  It was very special to Andrea, to be recognized by the jewelry trade for her jewelry design and skilled craftsmanship.  The winning necklace was on display earlier this month at the annual MJSA Show in NYC.

How can Andrea help you tell your jewelry story?  You can contact her here.